Hobart Dishwasher PREMAX AUP(S)-10A

Hobart Dishwasher PREMAX AUP(S)-10A

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Hobart PREMAX AUP(S)-10A

Intellico Dishwashers & Glasswashers are delighted to bring you the top of the range Commercial Pass through AUP(S)-10A from Hobart UK.

Hobart AUP

The latest Hobart Series of AMX and PREMAX AUP Hood Type Dishwashers set new, even higher standards for warewashing performance. With the power and efficiency to wash up to 140 racks per hr, they are the fastest, most economical hood machines on the market!
with Automatic Soil Removal, Turbo Wash Feature, Vaporinse and Cutlery Cycle
Designed for corner or straight through operation, all models feature the revolutionary INTENSIVE wash and ACCURINSE rinse systems to deliver outstanding results but with the lowest water, energy and detergent consumptions!

The AMX/AUP Series of dishwasher combines the latest technology with renowned Hobart expertise to deliver:

• Ease of operation
• Consistently outstanding wash results
• Energy saving features
The Hobart range of warewashing equipment consists of the most highly specified machines on the market as standard, designed and built with the customer in mind to provide innovative technologically advanced solutions.
The PREMAX Promise

A warewashing revolution has taken place.

PREMAX is the top-tier of equipment from Hobart, delivering the very best in warewashing and showcasing our unique, innovative and award-winning technology.

The range has been developed by Hobart in Germany and introduces advanced, patented technologies and features to meet demanding customer requirements identified through in-depth market research.

The benefits of PREMAX machines are both tangible and measurable, and deliver enhanced performance, dramatically reduced operating and lifetime costs, and energy savings.
•Save up to 30% in energy bills
•Reduce water consumption by up to 50%
•Save 80% in chemical usage

The latest Hobart Series of AMX and PREMAX AUP Hood Type Dishwashers raise the bar in terms of warewashing performance. With the power and efficiency to wash up to 140 racks per hour, they are the fastest, most economical hood machines on the market! Designed for corner or straight through operation, all models feature the revolutionary INTENSIVE wash and ACCURINSE rinse systems to deliver outstanding results but with the lowest water, energy and detergent consumptions!
• Water supply flow pressure requirement to machine is
0.6 bar to 6.0 bar (max).
• Maximum water supply temperature 60˚C.

Ease of Operation
• VISIOTRONIC CONTROL allows filling, cycle start and draining to be activated by just one button.
• Unique colour coded sequence gives clear indication of machine status.
• CLIP-IN Wash arms are removable with one hand to make cleaning even easier.
Outstanding Wash Results
• GENIUS X2 removes 20-40% more food soil from the wash water allowing a 25% reduction in wash tank capacity, saving up to 40% on detergent usage.
• ACCURINSE uses just 2 litres of fresh water per rack saving up to 30% on water, energy and rinse aid costs.
Energy Saving Features
• EXHAUST ENERGY STORAGE eliminates the need for a canopy or extraction and dramatically reduces energy consumption, creating the most economically efficient machines on the market.
• SENSO-ACTIVE resource management actively monitors wash water quality, optimising wash results and regeneration of wash water.
• PERMANENT-CLEAN automatic soil removal, eliminates the need for pre-rinsing plates, reducing time and resources and saving costs.
• POWER-PLUS wash programme delivers increased wash efficiency at the press of a button reducing the need to pre-wash or repeat processes.
• Dedicated cutlery cycle with steam.
• Intensive wash programmes using steam washing to ensure excellent wash results.
• Vaporinse using just 1.4 litres of water per cycle.
Equipment Selection Guide
• To get the maximum output from your Dishwasher choose the higher kW loading for a cold water supply.
• Always choose the in-built softener option when water hardness is above 6°Clarke.


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