Hobart Ecomax H602(s) Pass Through Dishwasher

Hobart Ecomax H602(s) Pass Through Dishwasher

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Commercial Hood Type Dishwasher Hobart Ecomax H602(s)

German built commercial dishwasher brought to you and installed by Intellico.

The Hobart Ecomax H602(s) hood type pass through commercial dishwasher is built in the same German factory as the world renowned Hobart Premier Dishwashers and the very reliable Bar Aid Dishwashers. Intellico can supply and install for you this economic dishwasher.

A powerful hood type dishwasher, the new Hobart Independent Ecomax H602 500mm² basket pass through dishwasher features classic German engineered specification and construction. It has a unique 4 sided fully enclosed hood that minimises heat and steam escaping and thus saves on energy costs. Both upper and lower wash arms are fitted with indented anti-block wash jets, it has a compact 21 litre wash tank which is quick to fill and further saves on energy, and it has a thermostop rinse control which only allows the final rinse when it is at the correct temperature. It has integral Dishwasher Detergent & rinse aid pumps are fitted as standard.

Suitable for Gastro pubs, social clubs, Churches, Cafes and small to medium sized restaurants where a low budget can still allow for good performance, this dishwasher can be set up as a straight through or corner operation dishwasher. With a short wash time of 75 seconds, it can take up to 48 racks per hour. It is fitted with an internal rinse boost pump and drain pump as standard and has easy to use electronic controls and a digital temperature display. 12 months Parts & Labour warranty.

Ecomax H602(s) Dishwasher Features

  • Multi Power (3 phase or Single phase, 25Amp)
  • Electronic Control Panel with Digital Temp. Display
  • Rinse temperature thermostop (rinse only at correct temperature)
  • 48 Racks per hour (500x500mm basket)
  • Internal Rinse aid & Detergent injectors fitted
  • Class A air gap (dirty dish water cannot siphon back into mains water)
  • Hot or Cold Fill
  • Internal Rinse Booster pump
  • Internal Drain pump fitted
  • Choice of cycle times 75/150 seconds
  • Manual Self Cleaning Systems

Optional Extras

  • Integral Water Softener


  • Width: 635mm
  • Depth: 635mm (Inc. Handles: 713mm)
  • Height with Hood Open: 1960mm

Number of Racks

  • 1 x Plate Rack
  • 1 x Cutlery Basket

If you have any questions about this dishwasher, please give Intellico a call on the number above.