SMEG Ecoline UG405D(S)UK Glass Washer 400mm basket

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SMEG Glass Washer Ecoline UG405D(S)UK

Fantastic entry level commercial glasswasher from SMEG UK.

- Single skinned construction in AISI 304 stainless steel
- Moulded tank with rounded corners
- 2 x combined wash and rinse arms with quick release system
- Double skinned insulated door
- Usable washing height 310mm
- Automatic partial replacement of water in the tank with drain pump
- Atmospheric boiler rinse system with rinse pump (HTR system)
- Integral plastic tank filter with double-stage filtration in the sump and additional micro filter for pump protection
- 3 wash cycles, P1: Short 90”, P2: Medium 150”, P3: Long 240”
- FRESH WATER function for complete wash tank water replacement after each wash cycle
- EXTRA-RINSE function for a prolonged rinse
- Wash pump with ‘soft start’ system
- Thermostop for controlling the rinse water temperature 
- Break tank as standard
- ‘Stand-by’ function to limit the activity of the heating elements during periods of non-use
- Self cleaning cycle available as standard
- Self-diagnosis system with error messages
- Detergent and rinse aid peristaltic pumps, electronically adjustable as standard

Provided – 2 x Flat-bottomed polypropylene basket, PB40G01

- Basket dimensions (mm) - 400 x 400mm
- Basket/ hour - 40 max
- Rinse system – Rinse pump and atmospheric boiler (HTR System)
- Water consumption per cycle – 2.3L
- Drain system – Drain pump and three -stage filter
- Softener – UG405DSUK
- Tank: capacity/heating element – 8L/2.0KW
- Boiler: capacity/heating element – 4L/2.3KW
- Power supply/ power installed – 230V 1N 50Hz/ 2.6KW
- Dimensions (WxDxH) – 440 x 530 x 710mm