SMEG Ecoline UG505D(S)UK Glass Washer 500mm Basket

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SMEG Ecoline UG505D(S)UK Glass Washer

This SMEG Commercial Glasswasher is their entry level 500mm basket machine brought to you by Intellico and it does not compromise on quality.

12 months Parts & Labour Warranty.


- Single skinned construction in AISI 304 stainless steel
- Moulded tank with rounded corners
- 2 x combined wash and rinse arms with quick release system
- Double skinned insulated door
- Usable washing height 365mm
- Automatic partial replacement of water in the tank with drain pump
- Atmospheric boiler rinse system with rinse pump (HTR system)
- Integral plastic tank filter with double-stage filtration in the sump and additional micro filter for pump protection
- 3 wash cycles, P1: Short 90”, P2: Medium 150”, P3: Long 240”
- FRESH WATER function for complete wash tank water replacement after each wash cycle
- EXTRA-RINSE function for a prolonged rinse
- Wash pump with ‘soft start’ system
- Thermostop for controlling the rinse water temperature 
- Break tank as standard
- ‘Stand-by’ function to limit the activity of the heating elements during periods of non-use
- Self cleaning cycle available as standard
- Self-diagnosis system with error messages
- Detergent and rinse aid peristaltic pumps, electronically adjustable as standard

Provided – 2 x Flat-bottomed polypropylene basket, PB50G01

- Basket dimensions (mm) - 500 x 500mm
- Basket/ hour - 40 max
- Rinse system – Rinse pump and atmospheric boiler (HTR System)
- Water consumption per cycle – 3.2L
- Drain system – Drain pump and three -stage filter
- Softener – UG505DSUK
- Tank: capacity/heating element – 13L/2.0KW
- Boiler: capacity/heating element – 6L/5KW
- Power supply/ power installed – 230V 1N 50Hz/ 5.7KW, 400V 3N 50Hz/5.7KW, 230V 1N 50Hz/4.0KW, 230V 1N 50Hz/ 2.7KW
- Dimensions (WxDxH) – 580 x 600 x 820mm