Dishwasher Salt (Still to come), Booster Pumps

Buy salt through the Intellico website for use in manual softeners, automatic water softners and for use in integral dishwasher machine water softeners.

We recommend that the best salt to use is dishwasher salt and glass washer salt in the form of salt pellets or salt granules, as these have space between them to allow the water to get through. Do not use table salt.

Booster Pumps

External Rinse Booster Pumps which increase the flow of water to Commercial Glass washers, Dishwashers and External Water Softeners.

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Booster Pump for Commercial Dishwasher or Glass Washer

VAT Not Included. VAT is automatically calculated in your shopping basket. External Boost Pump for Glass washers, Dishwashers and Water Softeners where the water pressure is low.