SOLD - Sammic SL-1200BP Reconditioned Hood Type Commercial Dishwasher

Product SKU 12345-129-131-82

Short description

Re-conditioned Sammic 3 Phase Hood Type Dishwasher (NOW SOLD)

This powerful 2nd hand pass through dishwasher from Intellico has had a new circuit board fitted, new wash pump contactor and boiler contactor fitted and a new drain plug filter put in place. New wash arm end plugs have been fitted also.

It has internal detergent and rinse aid pumps, a drain pump, and an internal rinse booster pump. Sold with 2 Plate baskets (500x500mm²).

It is a very sturdy, top of the Sammic range, hood type dishwasher that will last many years if it is looked after properly. It is in great working order and has been tested and shows no faults.

This machine retails new at around £4500.

Commercial Dishwasher Sammic SL1200BP USER MANUAL