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Commercial Dishwasher Service Engineers Are Customers Too!


Commercial Dishwasher service engineers are customers too!

As a business owner in the catering trade or hospitality industry your reputation is vital to your success, and how your customers perceive your offering and overall image can go a long way in enhancing that reputation, or seriously damaging it.

When you own a restaurant or Café, Pub or Hotel then it is very important to acknowledge that pretty much everyone you come into contact with is a potential customer.

Picture how hard you work trying to keep the front of your restaurant & toilets clean, tidy and working like clockwork. Picture how hard you & your chef work trying to keep the back-end kitchen clean, tidy and working like clockwork.

However, one area which is very often neglected is the area under or around the commercial dishwasher or glasswasher.
We have years of experience going into pubs, hotels, rest & cafes where everywhere is spotless, except the area round the commercial warewasher. Granted this area can be hard to reach, but there is always a way to reach it.

Commercial Dishwasher Engineer.jpg
Hard at work... Dishwasher engineers have to endure all kinds of environments

Dishwasher service engineers can have to endure quite dirty situations in which to carry out their work and this is part & parcel of doing the job.
In some extreme circumstances though, it can be really unhygienic. Environmental health would not be comfortable if they were aware of some of the environments that these engineers are exposed to.

Now consider one of your best customers walking into your restaurant kitchen & looking in and around your commercial dishwasher. What would they see? What would they think? Would this impact their view of your establishment in a positive or negative way?

These are questions that are worth bearing in mind. It is also worth bearing in mind that your service engineers are potential customers too.
So, what we would recommend is making sure that cleaning in & around the dishwasher is part of your staffs daily/weekly routine.

If you have a corner pass through dishwasher that is very hard to get out, then you could request that as part of a maintenance contract that your dishwasher engineer pulls the machine out safely & lets the staff clean in behind it. Even if this is only every 6 months, it is far better than every 6 years when the machine is being replaced.

It’s refreshing to hear the request “can you let us clean in there while you have the machine out?”

Whether you build it into your own routine or through a planned preventative maintenance contract, it is wise not to neglect this area.

So, keep it in mind that dishwasher service engineers are customers too.

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  • Richard Hose