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Undercounter Frontloading Dishwashers

Dishwashers for under counter installation where height can be an issue, from Intellico. All under counter dishwashers come with 500mm² baskets suitable for cleaning up to 18 Dinner plates in every cycle.

From Comenda:

  • Comenda HF45R is a fantastic under counter frontloading dishwasher for the price. It replaces the Comenda PROdish 3 F4EHR. It is a fully spec'd professional dishwasher that saves on energy and water costs. It also saves on the costs of dishwashing detergent and rinse aid.
  • Comenda PF45R is the replacement for the PROdish 1 LF321 and the PROdish 2 LF324 (now discontinued) and is a great entry level dishwasher. 

From Hobart UK Premier:

From Hobart Ecomax Plus & Ecomax:

From SMEG Commercial:

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Undercounter Frontloading Dishwashers

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