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Professional and commercial Glass washers for sale from Intellico, that are of great use to bars where space is limited. All Glasswashers shown here have the option of being supplied with an integral water softener, that means they can be used anywhere in the UK regardless of water hardness. Make sure you pick the option 'With Built-In Water Softener' when you know you need one. Ideal glass washers for pubs looking for:

  • Machines that can clean 16 Pint glasses with each cycle (400mm² Basket)
  • Great Glass cleaners that can fit in almost any bar.

From Comenda:

  • Comenda HB34 & HB34A replace the discontinued PRO Glass 2. Has all of the professional specifications of a top glasswasher.
  • Comenda PB34DP & PB34ADP is the direct replacement for the extremely popular PRO Glass 1 Comenda LB215, but with 270mm glass clearance height. It is a very reliable glasswasher that has a great reputation in the industry.

Hobart Ecomax & Ecomax Plus:

  • Hobart Ecomax Plus G415W-10C & G415SW-10C are the direct replacements for the G403 & G403S and the older Hobart Bar Aid 400(S). For a bar needing a well built and energy efficient 400mm² basket cabinet glasswasher. 
  • Hobart Ecomax G404W-12B & G404SW-12B is new to the Hobart family and fits in at the budget end of Hobart's offering. Direct replacement for the discontinued Hobart Ecomax G404 & G404S, and the older Ecomax G402.

Hobart Premier (PREMAX and PROFI):

  • Hobart PREMAX GCPROIW-10B first class glass washer with integrated reverse osmosis system and drying process that produces sparkling clean glass ware with every cycle.
  • Hobart PREMAX GCPW-10B is a top of the range Hobart Premier glasswasher.
  • Hobart PROFI GCROIW-10B has a reverse osmosis system built in for top class, spot free glass ware results.
  • Hobart PROFI GCW-10B & PROFI GCSW-20B is a compact and efficient machine and when space is at a premium it delivers big machine performance for the busiest bars. Replaces the discontinued Hobart PROFI GC(S)-10A glass washer. 

SMEG Commercial:

Glass Washer (Medium) - 400mm² Basket

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