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Large 500mm² Basket Glass washers

Large Glass washers for busy pubs, clubs and restaurants and hotels from Intellico who are a commercial dishwasher and glasswasher supplier and installer.

When you have to choose a commercial glass washer or bar dishwasher for your establishment where a need for a very high, large capacity through put of clean glasses is essential, and you have the room for a larger glasswashing machine, then here is what we can offer:

  • A glasswasher that uses a 500mm² basket/tray/rack
  • A machine that can handle at least 25 pint glasses per basket


Hobart Ecomax & Ecomax Plus:

Hobart Premier:

  • Still to be added. Contact us for more info.

SMEG Commercial:

Glass Washer (Large) - 500mm² Basket

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