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Pass Through Hood Type Dishwashers

Hood Type Dishwashers or Pass through Dishwashers as they are commonly known perform at a higher level than an under counter dishwasher as they are usually integrated into a professional warewash system that you can buy direct from Intellico. All Hobart Premier and Ecomax machines comes with the option to apply for up to 24 months 0% interest free finance payment.

From Hobart Premier:

  • Hobart Premier PREMAX AUP(S)-10A This is the top of the range Commercial Dishwasher from Hobart UK. It can bring massive improvements to the current way that your kitchen works. Up to 24 months 0% interest.
  • Hobart Premier PROFI AMX-10(S)A is a brilliant commercial dishwasher that provides you with the option to buy interest free over 24 months!

From Hobart Ecomax:

  • Hobart Ecomax Plus H603 is a great pass through dishwasher from Hobart. Lightweight in appearance it has a superb build quality and can handle medium sized catering outlets at their busiest times.
  • Hobart Ecomax H602 is a budget hood type dishwasher that bridges the gap between frontloading and passthrough dishwashers.
  • Hobart BarAid 900(S) is no longer available. The direct replacement for this Hobart Dishwasher is the Hobart Ecomax Plus H603.

From SMEG Commercial:

From Comenda:

  • Comenda HC14R is the Italian giant Comenda's top of the range passthrough heavy duty industrial dishwasher. It is suitable for medium to large restaurants and schools. It replaces the Comenda PROhood 6 LC1200 and Comenda C1300E, Comenda C1000E.
  • Comenda HC10R is the replacement for the very popular Comenda PROhood 2 LC900 dishwasher and is the next step up from the entry level PC07R. It can handle more covers per hour and is a much heavier duty dishwasher that will suit small or medium food outlets.
  • Comenda PC07R is an entry level hoodtype dish washer at a budget price. It replaces the Comenda PROhood 1 LC411 and the Comenda LC700. 

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Pass Through Hood Type

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