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Pass Through Hood Type Dishwashers

Hood Type Commercial Dishwashers or Pass through Dishwashers as they are commonly known perform at a higher level than an under counter dishwasher as they are usually integrated into a professional warewash system that you can buy direct from Intellico. All Hobart Premier and Ecomax machines come with the option to apply for up to 24 months 0% interest free finance payment.

From Hobart Premier:

Double basket capacity (2 x 500mm basket at one time) - 

Single basket capacity (1 x 500mm basket at one time) - 

From Hobart Ecomax:

  • Hobart Ecomax Plus H615W-10C & H615SW-10C directly replaces the Hobart Ecomax Plus H603, and its predecessor the Hobart BarAid 900(S). It has a superb build quality and can handle medium sized catering outlets at their busiest times.

  • Hobart Ecomax H604W-12B & H604SW-12B replaces the Hobart Ecomax H602 is a budget hood type dishwasher that bridges the gap between frontloading and passthrough dishwashers.

From SMEG Commercial:

From Comenda:

  • Comenda HC14R is the Italian giant Comenda's top of the range passthrough heavy duty industrial dishwasher. Suitable for medium to large restaurants and schools, it replaces the Comenda PROhood 6 LC1200, Comenda C1300E and Comenda C1000E.
  • Comenda HC10R is the replacement for the very popular Comenda PROhood 2 LC900 dishwasher and is the next step up from the entry level PC07R. It can handle more covers per hour and is a much heavier duty dishwasher that will suit small or medium food outlets.
  • Comenda PC07R is an entry level hoodtype dish washer at a budget price. It replaces the Comenda PROhood 1 LC411 and the Comenda LC700. 

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Pass Through Hood Type

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