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Our Dishwashing detergent for commercial dishwashers has changed along with how we are refocusing our efforts here at Intellico. Working closely with our suppliers, we have reformulated the dishwasher detergent so that it is more 'Machine, Water and World Friendly®', in line with United Nations Global Goal 14 - 'Life Below Water'.

Dishwasher Machine Friendly:

  • Detergents have no Chlorine which also can attack plastics and cause foaming, and shorten the life of dishwasher components.

Water Friendly

  • Free from Phosphates which cause green algae build up and suffocate marine environments.
  • Do not contain NTA and EDTA which have an adverse effect on the growth of underwater plant roots.

World Friendly

  • When the Oceans and water ways of the world thrive, it has a positive impact on land too.
  • Chefs and owners of busy commercial kitchens can play their part in achieving UN Global Goal 14 ‘Life Below Water’. Goals for Sustainable Development.

Suitable for soft water and hard water areas.

Dishwasher Detergent

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