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Clean Dishes Clear Profits

The cleanliness of your establishment – particularly your plates, cutlery and glasses – can make or break your reputation. Waiting times between courses and happy kitchen staff are also pivotal to customer satisfaction and an efficient business, so your dishwashing and glasswashing systems play a huge role in a successful commercial business.

Clean Dishes, Clear Profits sets out the 5-step methodology to creating wash-up systems that suit your kitchen, flow seamlessly and bring more profit to your establishment. You will gain a deeper understanding of how important these machines are and learn to recognise and rectify the mistakes that your staff are making every day.

Read Clean Dishes, Clear Profits to:

  • Understand your existing dishwashing and glasswashing systems
  • Identify the wash-up system options for the best outcome
  • Learn why your staff are the key to trouble-free systems
  • Avoid the common mistakes that lead to unsuitable installation and expensive breakdowns
  • Use this knowledge to increase productivity and profits

Richard Hose is the Founder and Managing Director of Intellico Dishwashers & Glasswashers and has worked with commercial dishwashers for almost twenty years. Along with his highly skilled team, he prides himself on making life easier for busy restaurant owners, chefs and kitchen staff. He provides commercial warewashing solutions to the catering and hospitality industry that are sustainable for our waterways, our oceans and our world.