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Intellico Dishwashers & Glasswashers - Dishwasher Suppliers

Intellico Dishwashers & Glasswashers - Dishwasher Suppliers

Hi and welcome to the fourth of our introduction series of blogs.

In the previous blog, we spoke about the industry bodies that we have gained membership to and why Intellico have joined them. In this one, we want to illustrate why we work with the suppliers that we work with. What criteria they must fulfil, and what this means for you.

Whether it is for the supply of commercial dishwashers and glasswashers, the supply of spare parts for the machines, chemicals, or business support services, we look to align ourselves with companies that are great at what they do, have similar values to our own, and are people that are easy to deal with.

These are the minimum requirements we look for and for suppliers of the machines, they must also have the following:


Technical Back Up

As we service most types of machines in the UK market, it is sometimes difficult to know everything about all dishwashers out there. When we sell the dishwashers and glasswashers, we know that we only sell machines that our suppliers can help us with, down to the last detail, if something goes wrong.


Drop Ship

We supply machines to all corners of mainland UK, therefore our suppliers need to be able to deliver straight to our customers when they are out with our delivery area of the Scottish Central Belt.


An Install Team

If you are out with our service area, we need to know that when a dishwasher is supplied to you and you need your old one disconnected, removed from site, and the new one fully installed and commissioned, then this is being done on our behalf by a company that we trust and have a great relationship with.

What this means for you is that when you work with us, regardless of where you are based, we can supply you with a machine that you know can be professionally installed and properly looked after throughout its lifetime.

We consider ourselves as easy to work with and we look for these qualities in our customers too. We are a professional company, and we are committed to remain this way. If you think that it’s expensive to work with a professional company, then you may learn the hard way that it's far more expensive overall to work with an amateur company.

Look out for the next blog for more details on how we have aligned ourselves with United Nations Global Goal 14 – ‘Life Below Water’, where we commit to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

Open, honest, reliable – Intellico.

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  • Richard Hose