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Intellico Dishwashers & Glasswashers - Our Values


Intellico Dishwashers - Our Values

Hi and welcome to the second of our introduction series of blogs.

As I stated in the previous blog, we create fantastic dishwashing systems for very busy restaurants and kitchens that increase productivity, that increase profits, and that are sustainable for our water ways, our Oceans, and our World.

I want to share some of the ingredients that we use that form the baseline of our company.

I set up the company in 2010, because I could see customers receiving the wrong dishwashing equipment that was not fit for their environment and was being bought purely on price, customers receiving poor service and also customers being overcharged and let down at every turn. And I thought, there must be a better way for this to be done.

Here at Intellico, one of our main Mantras is that we are open, honest and reliable. Let me explain these to you.

Open. We are quite happy to give you information and knowledge that has taken us years to acquire. We believe that if we can inform you and your staff of the best practises for keeping your commercial dishwashers and glasswashers working at their healthy best, then it will make life easier for you to concentrate on running your business.

Honest. We like to keep you up to date and informed about how a new dishwasher order or repair is progressing, even if the news we have for you is not the news that you want to hear. If it’s bad news or a delay, you’re better off knowing about it so that you can then decide to draft in more staff or make alternative arrangements, to keep your place running as smoothly as possible.

Reliable. We turn up when we say we are going to. We deliver when we say we’re going to deliver. However, we never make promises because some things are out with our control. We always do our best, and if we’re running late then we will get in touch and let you know about it. There’s nothing worse than waiting all day for something or someone, and they never show up! We’ve all been there, and its not good business practice.

When we are faced with some tough decisions to make, we always fall back on these basics. This helps us to do the right thing as we aim to Make Life Easier for you guys out there in your busy kitchens.

Read the next blog for more details on how we are growing as a company through training and by partnering with the right industry bodies.

Thanks and don’t forget to explore our website at

Open, honest, reliable – Intellico.

Richard Hose - Managing Director

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