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The Difference Between Domestic & Commercial Dishwashers

The Difference Between Domestic & Commercial Dishwashers

Can’t I just use a Domestic dishwasher?

A domestic dishwasher is very different from a commercial dishwasher. Although the principles of wash, rinse and drain are the same, there are lots of things that separate them.

The main thing that separate the two appliances is that a domestic dishwasher takes much longer to complete a cycle, and if used more than a few times a day it falls way behind a commercial machine.

A typical commercial machine takes around two to three minutes to wash, rinse and dry a basket of dishes. For a domestic dishwashing machine to complete the equivalent process it can take anywhere between forty-five minutes to an hour and a half. In a working restaurant this would immediately prove to be an impossible situation.

The workload that a commercial machine can handle is massive in comparison, and the price of each demonstrates this well. A commercial dishwasher will cost anything from around £1500.00 + VAT (Value Added Tax) and upwards, whereas a decent domestic machine will be around £400.00 including VAT. Commercial machines are usually around four to five times the price of a domestic dishwasher.

Domestic dishwashers now seem to be part of our ‘throw away’ culture and his is reflected in the fact that not many people get their domestic machines repaired anymore because if it’s an expensive part that needs replaced, most householders will just buy a new machine.

The robust stainless-steel body of a commercial machine is designed to handle the day to day mayhem that can be the norm in a professional kitchen whereas domestic machines are typically a combination of plastic and painted ferrous metal, which just doesn’t suit them to such a harsh environment.

It is less of a throw away culture in the commercial side as usually the initial price has been such a large outlay and so professional kitchens and bars will look to get their machine repaired and have it up and running again.

Richard Hose
Owner, Intellico Dishwashers & Glasswashers

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  • Richard Hose