Dishwasher Rinse Extra (4 x 5L)

Dishwasher Rinse Extra (4 x 5L)

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Dishwasher Rinse Extra (4 x 5L)

Rinse Extra for Commercial Dishwashers from Intellico is an ultra concentrated rinse aid suitable for use in both Hard water and soft water areas. This rinse aid produces excellent results when drying off plates, cups and cutlery in conjunction with the high temperature final rinse of the dishwasher cycle.

Rinse Extra has recently been reformulated in order that the new formula is Eco friendly and has minimal impact on our Environment, and you will be amazed at how quickly it helps to dry your dishes.

‘Machine, Water and World Friendly®’

Machine Friendly:

  • Rinse Aids have no acids which normally attack the plastics inside rinse boost pumps, rinse pipes and tubes.

Water Friendly:

  • Rinse Aids contain no Phosphates which cause green algae build up and suffocate marine environments.

World Friendly:

  • When the Oceans and water ways of the world thrive, it has a positive impact on land too.
  • Chefs, Kitchen Porters and Owners of busy commercial kitchens can play their part in achieving UN Global Goal 14 ‘Life Below Water’. Goals for Sustainable Development

Effective Commercial Chemicals that will not cost Us the Earth.

Available pack size 4 x 5 Litres (Delivery costs are included).