Glass Wash Detergent (4 x 5L)

Glass Wash Detergent (4 x 5L)

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Glass Wash Detergent (4 x 5L)

Highly effective at removing lipstick and leaving glasses clean. A pint of beer or lager will hold its head and will not go flat. When you have clean glasses, all of your drinks will taste better... This means repeat business for your bar.

Glass Wash Detergent from Intellico that is perfect for use in Hard water and Soft water areas, and we have now changed the formulation of our detergent without compromising on quality.

Our detergent is now much more 'Machine, Water & World Friendly®', in line with United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development. 

We are trying hard to make a positive difference to how we impact our World, and we can start by helping the Chefs and Kitchen Porters of the UK to look after the local waterways by using chemicals that have as little impact as possible.

Effective Commercial Chemicals that will not cost Us the Earth.

Pack size 4 x 5 Litres (Delivery costs are included).