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Dishwasher Cleaner

Cleans Warewash & Renovates Glass

Minimum box of 12 tubs (£276)
This also saves on individual tub price of £25 each

We have developed a very special boost powder based on environmental impact that we've called SOLOdet.

SOLOdet is specifically designed by Intellico. We are experts in warewash and with over 20 years experience understand exactly what our customers need.

You get all the benefits of traditional renovate, including extending the life of your machine, with none of the drawbacks, and a whole host of benefits to your warewash and the environment!

The main differences between traditional renovate and our Solodet can be found below:



✅ Powder Form ✅ Powder Form
✅ Non-Foaming ✅ Non-Foaming
✅ Cleans New Glasses ✅ Cleans New Glasses
❌ Contains Phosphates ✅ Phosphate Free
❌ Contains Chlorine ✅ Chlorine Free
❌ No ✅ Kills Bacteria & Pink Build Up
❌ No ✅ Fresh Smell
❌ No ✅ De Tanning Properties


Saving The Environment

It isn't just a catchy title - it's a difficult task to produce cleaning chemicals that have little to negative impact on our environment, especially on our water ways and aquatic life, and still be able to produce the results that your customers need.

The toxic impact that mainstream Renovates have on our environment is extremely damaging.

Environmental Policy

If you have an environmental policy in place or even just want the best for your customers, this is a unique solution to the market in Dishwasher & Glasswasher cleaning chemicals.

This article explains phosphates in detergents is very relevant and may in fact become law.

About SOLOdet

Our product is multi-use, so you can use SOLOdet on both Dishwashers AND Glasswashers, which is extremely rare!

SOLOdet is the complete solution suitable for all of your warewash, including all dishwashers and glasswashers.

If you want harmful bacteria and grease eradicated, along with gleaming drying results, whilst also protecting the environment - SOLOdet is the only solution for you!