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What Is The Difference Between Dishwashers?

Both frontloading and passthrough dishwasher models take the industry standard size rack or basket which measures 500 x 500mm² (19½ x 19½”).

What is an Under Counter / Front loading? Dishwasher – Front Loader

Similar in size to the larger glasswashers, front loaders have the same physical footprint as a domestic dish­washer or washing machine. They measure w × d × h = 600 × 600 × 820mm, which is the industry standard.

As the name suggests, they open at the front and the basket loaded with dishes is pushed into the wash chamber. The door is closed and the machine is put through a wash cycle. These machines are also known as under counter dishwashers and are great in smaller kitchens and cafés where space is at a premium and the volume of throughput is not too high. On average they can handle thirty to forty racks per hour.

Sitting under the worktop counter provides the staff with more space to carry out kitchen duties such as prep work. However, when planning an under coun­ter setup, remember to allow workspace for dirty dishes, filling dishwasher baskets, and space for clean dishes to sit and be unloaded.

What is a Passthrough / Hood Type? Dishwasher – Passthrough

Also known as a hood type dishwasher, the passthrough dishwashers are more suited to busier sites where a higher throughput is required. They can accommodate sixty to seventy racks per hour. They require more kitchen space than the undercounter model as stainless-steel tabling can be hooked on at either side to run the basket of dishes through from one side to the other.

Passthrough dishwashers are set up as a straight through operation or in the corner. Either way, there will be inlet and outlet tabling at each side of it. These should be consistent with the flow of the kitchen running (dirty to dishwasher to clean) and set up left to right or right to left accordingly.

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