Comenda PF45R & PF45RA (Glass washer)

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Prime Line

Highly durable and adaptable to the specific needs of today’s food service professionals, the entire line of Prime promotes rapid cleaning, energy efficiency and operational savings. 

Our double-skinned insulated door protects operators from the heat that the unit generates and contributes to user comfort.

The inherent appeal of the Prime range is found in both its simplicity of design and functional efficiency. 

Control Panel

Our control panel keeps operations effortless with straightforward cycle options at your fingertips. Features include:

Soft Start

This feature begins the cycle slowly and gradually builds to full speed to prevent the dislodging of glasses and crockery, and possible breakage.


Our automatic stand-by mode activates during pauses to reduce energy consumption.



For high pressure kitchen times, this is the most rapid cycle. It handles up to 65 baskets per hour for our largest model (PC12).


A delicate cycle that is gentle on glassware and features rapid cool down and dry times.


Appropriate for all shapes of dishes, this cycle ensures thorough cleaning and rapid dry times. INTENSIVE

Set for a longer duration and maximum temperature for heavily soiled dishes and cookware.

The design includes:

WRIS ®2+

The smart design of our WRIS®2+ Wash and Rinse Integrated System posts a 25% reduction in rinse water consumption while still providing a thorough, consistent clean*. Thanks to the double water blade design, the WRIS®2+ boosts contact time and leaves no blind spots as it produces brilliantly clean glasses, dishes and cutlery.

-25% water

-25% energy

-25% chemicals


Our CRC2 heat recovery system and steam condenser on hood type machines uses heat already generated to warm incoming water. This permits a cold water connection while avoiding additional electric load.

This system helps to minimize the steam released to create a more comfortable work environment while using the warmth of the unit to further heat incoming water and reduce energy costs. That reduction of steam in the washing chamber also contributes to speedier drying of glasses and dishes. 

Rinse Control Device (RCD)

Our Rinse Control Device combines an atmospheric boiler and a rinse booster pump to ensure consistent water pressure at a constant temperature throughout the cycle. That produces perfectly spotless glasses.




Properly washing glasses is always a challenge. That’s why we’ve Comenda are dedicated to designing glasswashers that will give industry professionals greater confidence in providing brilliantly spotless glasses. With the Prime series of glasswashers, we ensure every glass is given a thorough cleaning thanks to a rinse arm configuration that reaches every point. No blind spots, no left over residue. No worries.