Dishwasher Detergent (4 x 5L)

Dishwasher Detergent (4 x 5L)

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Detergent For Commercial Dishwashers (4 x 5L)

This highly effective Dishwashing Detergent has been newly formulated to work very well in both Hard Water and Soft Water areas, and to be much kinder to our environment. It is safe to use in all makes and models of Commercial and Industrial Dishwashers as it does not contain acids, Chlorine, NTA or EDTA.

This dishwashing machine detergent is much more in line with our own environmental policy to align Intellico Dishwashers with United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development. 

'Machine, Water & World Friendly®'.

This Detergent from Intellico is great at removing tough food deposits from plates, cutlery and other types of crockery and table ware. Available to buy online in boxes of 4 x 5L, delivered straight to your place of work (Delivery is included in the price).

Effective Commercial Chemicals that will not cost Us the Earth.