Hobart BarAid 900(s) Commercial Hood Type Dishwasher

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Hobart BarAid 900(s) Commercial Hood Type Dishwasher

This dishwasher is no longer available. The direct replacement for this machine is the Hobart Ecomax Plus H603(S).

A powerful Hood-Type Dishwasher capable of washing up to 60 racks per hour (approx. 200 covers per hour). 12 months Parts and Labour warranty. Buy from Intellico with or without a built in water softner, depending on the water hardness where you are located.

Easy to Use

  • Hood mounted single button control with colour cycle indication - easy to use and understand. The kitchen porters (KPs) will love how simple it is to use.
  • Hygienic self flushing and cleaning drain cycle on machine shut down (hold the cycle button for 3 seconds with hood closed)
  • Full specification - all pumps and dosing equipment fitted as standard - No hidden costs once installed
  • With 440mm Hood Opening Height – allows double racking of cups, saucers, etc and easy loading of trays

Consistently Outstanding Wash Results

  • Powerful 0.73 kW pump delivers total wash coverage via separate upper and lower wash and rinse arms
  • Optional built-in softener - ensures optimum water quality
  • Integral detergent and rinse aid pumps - precise dosing for guaranteed quality results
  • Choice of 3 cycle times (60, 90 or 120 seconds) – to suit a variety of dishes and depends on degree of soiling
  • Interlocked strainer ensures correct location and operation of filter system
  • Two stage filter system removes debris and helps to protect the wash pump
  • The advanced rinse system delivers optimised water distribution at a constant 82°C (For environmental health requirements)

Energy Saving Features

  • Unique 4 sided fully enclosed hood – prevents heat and steam escaping when the hood is raised saving energy and saves on the need for an overhead canopy
  • 440mm high hood opening, high enough to allow double racking
  • Economical rinse system uses just 2.5 litres of fresh water per cycle saving on water, energy, detergent and rinse aid costs
  • Wash tank capacity of just 21 litres saves on water, energy and detergent consumption
  • Supplied as standard with: 1 x Plate Rack, 1 x Open Rack, 1 x 4 Comp. Cutlery Basket