SMEG UD505D(S)UK Front loading Commercial Dishwasher

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SMEG UD505D(S)UK Dishwasher

This SMEG Dishwasher from Intellico is a leading industrial and commercial, front-loading dishwasher that has been designed to provide excellent dish washing results. With a clearance of 365 mm the unit can wash all types of plates, cups, cutlery and prep dishes.

This under counter dishwashing machine has an in-built drain pump, fresh water rinse booster pump, dishwash detergent and rinse aid pumps as standard. Depending on what the electrical supply is on site, this professional dish washer can be configured to a 13 Amp supply or hard wired into its own 25 Amp, 32 Amp or 3 phase supply (all easily dealt with on site).

It has very easy to remove and clean upper and lower rotating wash and rinse arms, that deliver a powerful action which eliminates the toughest residues, guaranteeing great dishwashing hygiene for every cycle.

This warewasher uses a Rinse Control Device (thermostop) that keeps water at a constant temperature of 82°C throughout the rinse cycle, making it perfect for all types of Restaurants and Cafes, Children's Nurseries, Nursing Homes and all types of establishments that must meet Environmental Health standards. The self-cleaning tank with 3 stage filtration system ensures excellent results and helps protect the drainage and washing systems. 1 year parts and labour warranty.

The UD505D(S)UK can handle approximately 150 covers per hour. It can wash up to 720 dinner plates (40 racks) in 60 minutes. It is well built in AISI 304 stainless steel and is a fantastic dishwasher for the price. It is easy to use and easy to keep clean. With Intellico you are getting a fully spec'd economical dishwasher for a the price of a budget machine and a fantastic after sales service too.


- Single skinned construction in AISI 304 stainless steel
- Moulded tank with rounded corners
- 2 x combined wash and rinse arms with quick release system
- Double skinned insulated door
- Usable washing height 365mm
- Automatic partial replacement of water in the tank with drain pump
- Atmospheric boiler rinse system with rinse pump (HTR system)
- Integral plastic tank filter with double-stage filtration in the sump and additional micro filter for pump protection
- 3 wash cycles, P1: Short 90”, P2: Medium 150”, P3: Long 240”
- FRESH WATER function for complete wash tank water replacement after each wash cycle
- EXTRA-RINSE function for a prolonged rinse
- Wash pump with ‘soft start’ system
- Thermostop for controlling the rinse water temperature 
- Break tank as standard
- ‘Stand-by’ function to limit the activity of the heating elements during periods of non-use
- Self-cleaning cycle available as standard
- Self-diagnosis system with error messages
- Detergent and rinse aid peristaltic pumps, electronically adjustable as standard

Provided – 1 x Flat-bottomed polypropylene basket, PB50G01
1 x Polypropylene basket for dishes, PB50D01
1 x Cutlery basket, PHOOS02

Basket dimensions (mm) - 500 x 500mm
- Basket/ hour - 40 max
- Rinse system – Rinse pump and atmospheric boiler (HTR System)
- Water consumption per cycle – 3.2L
- Drain system – Drain pump and three -stage filter
- Optional Built In water Softener – UD505DSUK
- Tank: capacity/heating element – 13L/2.0KW
- Boiler: capacity/heating element – 6L/5KW


Arrives with Factory Default Setting as - Single Phase, 5.7KW (25 Amps) and can be easily changed to 3 Phase on site:
- Power supply/ power installed –

  • 230V 1N 50Hz/ 5.7KW,
  • 400V 3N 50Hz/5.7KW (3 Phase)
  • 230V 1N 50Hz/4.0KW,
  • 230V 1N 50Hz/ 2.7KW

- Dimensions (WxDxH) – 580 x 600 x 820mm